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Interior doors




Interior doors made ​​of solid wood




Wooden doors are in every home not only functional element,

but also great decorative accessory.




The advantage of solid wood is not only beautiful in appearance, but also the excellent properties of wood such as

strength and high durability. The wooden door will not happen, that you release or break off the hinges, exclusion coun. Any damage is easier to repair than laminated or veneered doors,

where every groove, every tear almost irreversible.



Interior doors

Interior doors are made in all common wood species (spruce, pine, beech, oak, alder, maple, ash). Each of our door and frame is made of wood (frame, panels, moldings, door frame, casing).

Solid wood doors

Doors are made from only high quality, well dried wood dries several years naturally - outside, in storage timber. Prior to production of the dosouší the oven to the desired moisture level.